Suggestions for the enhancement of car-sharing

At its last meeting, the Budapest Assembly decided to review regulation possibilities of car-sharing services in the capital. The Clean Air Action Group made proposals to this in a letter to Deputy Mayor David Dorosz.

A modern public car system should help to provide an alternative to own a car in order to improve air quality and reduce emissions of climate-damaging substances. Therefore, it is necessary to create widespread, dedicated parking lots exclusively for shared cars with free parking. Free parking in these car parking places (as it is generally in Budapest) should only be provided for electric cars. Part of these parking lots must also be equipped with electric charging station.

Station spaces must also be provided for fixed parking public car systems. These are unmanned parking spaces where the car can be picked up with a magnetic card or mobile phone but must also be returned to the same place. For public cars with a fixed parking, the reservation system should allow a car that can be picked up at a given station to be booked hours, days or even weeks in advance. They should have a low hourly rate that, combined with a mileage fee, makes it affordable for the car to stay with the user for hours or even a few days – without the constant renting being attractive.

Whenever possible, Budapest Municipality should make regular use of public car services and encourage its own companies, as well as district municipalities and their companies, to use public car services.

A detailed justification for the proposals can be found in the letter to the Deputy Mayor (in Hungarian):

Traslated by Gábor Lakos