Civilians for the Freedom of Science

We, the undersigned civil society organisations working in the Civilisation Coalition, stand up for the freedom of research guaranteed by the Fundamental Law, and express our solidarity with researchers and organisations opposing the Government’s plans for the operation and financing of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The development and even the survival of a democratic society requires scientific research that is independent of political influence, as well as a diverse and prosperous civil society. Scientific results and information provide the basis for making decisions that are in the interest of all of us, for creating strategies and directions for progress. This is especially important today, when divisions are widening in our society and extremist ideas and news without scientific foundations is spreading. Meanwhile, our environment is threatened by the consequences of climate change and species loss, even in the very short term. As civil organisations, we also rely on the work of researchers every day, be they social or natural scientists.

The amendment of the law that the Ministry of Information and Technology intends to submit would deprive the Hungarian academic sector of its independence. However, science may only be pursued under predictable conditions, freely and subject to the self-management of the research community. We support this as civilians, and we expect others to join us.

We, the undersigned civil society organisations, demand the immediate withdrawal of the bill and respect for the independence of the Academy and the freedom of research.

Budapest, 4. June 2019.

We are looking forward to the joining of further organizations here.

Signatory Organizations:

The initiator is 26 signing organizations, the list is constantly expanding and is available here.

  1. A Város Mindenkié Pécs
  2. Amnesty International Magyarország
  3. Autonómia Alapítvány
  4. Az Emberség Erejével Alapítvány
  5. Civil Kollégium Alapítvány
  6. Demokratikus Ifjúságért Alapítvány (DIA)
  7. Energiaklub
  8. Eötvös Károly Közpolitikai Intézet
  9. Greenpeace Magyarország Egyesület
  10. Háttér Társaság
  11. Humán Platform Egyesület
  12. K-Monitor
  13. Közélet Iskolája
  14. Levegő Munkacsoport
  15. Magyar Helsinki Bizottság
  16. Magyar Női Érdekérvényesítő Szövetség
  17. Magyarországi Európa Társaság
  18. MASZK Egyesület (Szeged)
  19. Menedék Egyesület
  20. MENŐK Magyar Európai Nők Fóruma Egyesület
  21. NIOK
  22. Ökotárs Alapítvány
  23. TASZ
  24. Transparency International Magyarország
  25. Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület
  26. Védegylet