Urban tolling: an overview for beginners

What kind of plans, trends and experiences prevail about distance based urban tolling accross the globe? Beza Abebe Dress, one of Clean Air Action Group's interns, an MSc student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics was investigating that question. His research has confirmed that there are no technical or economic barriers to introducing an urban road toll system, as technology is constantly improving, on-board GPS units are getting cheaper, and congestion costs more and more to cities. However, it has been decided only in Singapore so far (a city where an electronic road toll system already existssince the last century) that a road toll system would be introduced from 2020, based on travel distance measured by on-board GPS units. To implement this system elsewhere, for example in Budapest, public support and enlightened politicians are needed. Therefore, we recommend Beza Ababe's study about the goals and benefits of urban tolling to everyone.

Picture: Ministry of Transport, Singapore (ERP= Electronic Road Pricing)   https://www.mot.gov.sg/images/default-source/mot/transport-matter/landing-banner-a8.jpg.

Translated by Katalin Tarr